Running the Burning Gauntlet

Improving Wildland Urban Interface Access and Egress With an Obstruction-Free Roof Line


Wildland and Urban Interface environments are defined by the intermingling of undeveloped wildland vegetation and housing structures. Often, these environments will feature organic and combustible canopies on roadways and trails, formed by mature tree crowns and layers of leaves. These tunnels of trees, wildland urban interface operations, can limit access and egress and create dangerous situations for wildland engines and crews.

To mitigate this danger of running the gauntlet of a fiery tunnel, the Ahrens-Fox WUI™ was designed with a clean, flat roofline, free of obstructions. The cab roofline is wiped clear of the air conditioning evaporator unit. On the body, deck gun and booster reels are lowered to effectively decrease the overall height of the all-wheel-drive engine.

In addition to the flat roofline, storage compartments on top of the engine feature hard covers to protect hose beds, equipment and gear from burning embers and overhanging obstructions.