Behind the Ahrens-Fox Badge

“Our DNA of technological innovation serves as the driving force behind HME’s leadership in design and engineering in the fire industry,” said Ken Lenz, Vice President, Engineering at HME Incorporated. “The Ahrens-Fox brand will now stand as a clear symbol of that leadership.”

Today, the iconic Ahrens-Fox badge represents an exclusive group of premium apparatus, products and technologies, exclusively engineered and manufactured by HME Ahrens-Fox. This select group of Ahrens-Fox apparatus and products were first released at FDIC 2017, with the introduction the Ahrens-Fox 1 Cab and Chassis featuring an ergonomic cockpit with integrated Ahrens-Fox Glass Screen Technology™ (GST) touch screen controls, and the new Ahrens-Fox Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump. At FDIC 2018, the Ahrens-Fox joined this exclusive group, leading a revolution in wildland urban interface engine design, performance and functionality.

The revolutionary Ahrens-Fox WUI™ joins the premiere Ahrens-Fox group by setting an industry standard by effectively merging Type-III capability with Type-I functionality, creating a true combination engine to cover both wildland and urban interface operational demands. In addition to its overall design and performance characteristics the AF-WUI™ also integrated other Ahrens-Fox products and technologies including the Ahrens-Fox Distributed Water System™ and GST™ touch-screen pump controls.