Gaining Traction in Extreme Wildland and Interface Environments

The AF-WUI’s innovative approach to wildland urban interface fighting all rides on a well-balanced traction control system that includes innovative custom chassis, tires and drive-train.

Photo: Low angle of front of WUI (If you have a better low angle of the front on the hill use it. This is a good but a little too tight.

The Evolution of the HME Ahrens-Fox SFO® All-Wheel Drive Chassis

HME Ahrens Fox WUI Under Carriage

 The AF-WUI’s a high-clearance, all-wheel drive HME Ahrens-Fox SFO® custom chassis was developed for state and federal agency and proven in well over 20-years of interface operations. In its all-wheel drive configuration, the SFO® chassis was featured in the HXR™ (HME Extreme Rat) creating an extreme custom wildland and rapid attack engine capable of delivering optimal agility in extreme wildland environments.

In the AF-WUI™ the SFO® evolved. More than an all-wheel drive chassis under a Type-I Interface engine, the AF-WUI™ SFO® chassis integrated the high-clearance advantage of the Type-III Wildland, giving this unique wildland urban interface the ability to climb steep grades, conquer two-tracks and tight switch-backs with ease, as well as providing superior handling, crew comfort and performance on-highways.

Getting a Grip with Wide Super-Single Tires

HME Ahrens-Fox WUI Super Single Tire Tread

Extreme traction control, over a wide range of terrain and surfaces is made possible by the AF-WUI’s low profile, super single tires. Michelin 444-50R22.5 tires provide excellent float over soft soil and sand, as well as extreme traction control on rock-strewn trails or climbing over obstacles that can stop other engines in their tracks. Dual rear tire configurations are also available.

Geared to Conquer the Climb

AF-WUI’s Marmon Herrington’s 2-speed transfer case panel

The AF-WUI’s Marmon Herrington’s 2-speed transfer case provides low-range gearing for improved off-road control and the ability conquer steep climbs in extreme and rugged wildland environments.

Off-Road Power

High-clearance SFO® 4×4 chassis.

With an engine rating of 360-HP @ 2600-RPM, 800-LB FT @ 1800-RPM has the power to deliver optimal performance both off-road and on-highway.