Setting the Standard for Sustainable Wildland Urban Interface Crew Comfort

Wildland, Interface, and Wildland Urban Interface operations ask crews to live and work day after day, outside normal, human comfort zones. While there’s no apparatus on earth that can change that reality of wildland and interface firefighting, there’s no reason that today’s wildland and interface engines can’t provide a modicum of relief and comfort, in hazardous and rugged environments.

To maximize crew comfort the renowned SOF™ cab, featured for decades on proven HME Ahrens-Fox Type-1 Interface apparatus, has been expanded on the AF-WUI™ to create more room and comfort for the traveling crew. The cab expansion was accomplished by lengthening the traditional 54-inch overhang to a 60-inch rear overhang. This additional length not only adds more leg room for the crew, it has also been subjectively noted, by many that have driven the AF-WUI™ during the Wildland Revolution tour, that the all-wheel drive and ride of the AF-WUI™ is far more comfortable and smoother, over a wide variety of terrain, than other comparable, Type-1 and Type-3 engines.

But the ultimate test for handling, maneuverability and comfort should be in your hands. To find out if what is being said about the AF-WUI™ is really true, check the Wildland Revolution tour schedule, on this site, and find a location near you where you can experience the real world capabilities and comfort of the AF-WUI™ for yourself.

You can’t always take it with you – or can you?

WUI front 3:4 open Wildland, Interface and Wildland Urban Interface strike teams can travel hundreds of miles and spend days-on-end in the back of an engine when called to an incident. In addition to the comfort of a larger cab and smoother ride, the AF-WUI™ also, thanks to the space-savings provided by its innovative Water Distribution System™, offers room for a crews’ personal gear, fresh clothing, and more. The fully covered and sealed, waterproof and dust-proof out-of-county boxes, are located on top of the engine to keep crew gear fresh and clean, with interior compartment lights to allow easy access to personal items no matter what time of day a firefighter’s work is done. It’s engineering and design of small detail that makes that makes one of the toughest jobs in the world, just a little more tolerable.

Water, water everywhere and a convenient place for your drink

WUI Cupholder on top of the GST controls

While the AF-WUI™ introduced the groundbreaking Water Distribution System™ to the industry for the first time, saving critical space inside the apparatus by routing water directly around the engine to where its needed, the GST™ touch-screen controlling the system features a cupholder on top – just in case there’s not enough water left to drink!